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A Thing Called Friendship & Backstabbers

I just finished classes and had to hold a meeting for my Bowling Club. Yeah, so I waited with my Treasurer AND Assistant Secretary right? Anyhow, they both went out to go to the loo and I asked if I could borrow my friend, Jaff (the Treasurer) if I could borrow her new Nokia phone. Y'know I just wanted to check her phone features plus, I had to reply a text msg. I'm currently bankrupt from phone credit so...

Anyhow, she was reluctant at first to lend me her phone and asked why I wanted to see it. I told her yeah, I wanted to check the features and reply a text. So she was relieved I don't know why? And left.

Her phone got a reply from my mate and I checked it. But unfortunately, I accidentally clicked something else and had to go to the Inbox personally. When I opened the Inbox, I saw around 10 text messages from my crush, F. I know I shouldn't have but I read them ALL! I had to know what she'd been doing texting with my crush at midnight. Wouldn't you? Anyhow, I read them and they were flirting at night and in the morning before classes right under my nose. I was so sad and disappointed that I cried. When they came back in, I pretended nothing was wrong.

I don't know whether they're dating or not but I do know that my crush, F has someone ignored me as of late. Without any reason too. What pisses me off is that my so-called friend, Jaff (She's a she by the way!) wasn't even interested in him when I liked him last semester. It was only when I told her I fancied him she started to like tell me "Oh, F is such a sweetie!" "F was here just now, is he always so funny?". OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I didn't see it before? I'm so stupid!

Is this sort of thing I have to go through in life? I hate it. I hate her! And I hate him! If this is the case, then... I'd rather be a spinster for the rest of my life.

I'm gonna go mourn for what's left of friends I have left. True friends that is...
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