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Constantine Banned

Totally bored and random. It's the start of the semester break and I sure as hell won't be getting any break. Cuz I've got assignments and presentations lining up when semester opens again. Fuck it!

Anyhow, got bored so I went and searched for this old cartoon in the 80's that I used to watch called 'Jem and The Holograms' and I actually found a brilliant site. It's

Btw, I can't believe that they banned 'Constantine' from playing here where I live. Totally ass-kicking Mordor. God! Fucked up gov't or what. They said that it is too violent plus there's too many elements of Christianity in it PLUS the fact that the movie deals with a man going back and forth from Heaven and Hell whatnot is unsuitable for the country's faith. What the fuck? It's just a movie. Goddamn these people, they don't fucking know what entertainment is. Just cuz the movie shows Hell for what it could really is doesn't mean that we can't watch it? Anyhow, shops are selling the DVD and VCD's like hot cakes. Plus, yesterday I bought one. Haha. I didn't want to at first but my mum, yes MY MOTHER encouraged me to buy it cuz she wanted to see it. lol. Good one. I love my mum. She can be so funny at times. Anyhow, I watched it and it was brilliant. I def recommend people to watch it. Esp those who don't live in Mordor where I live in. Grrrr.

Anyhow, managed to download songs from the toon 'Jem' last week. So hilarious that I actually manage still to sing along.

I'm done gotta go to a funeral tonight. Plus gotta download some more songs cuz my Josh Groban CD is scratched. Grrr. Bought his old concert show on DVD. He's still got an amazing voice. I love Josh. Reminds me of Seth Cohen's Jew-Fro. Also bought 'Closer' on DVD too. Planning on watching 'White Noize' next week. hope its good.

Later. Have a great weekend.

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