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You think?

You Aren't In the Best Of Moods

While you aren't full on depressed, things aren't going your way.

You may be hurt, angry, frustrated... or all three.

Not to worry - you'll be feeling fine in no time.

You think?

Haha. Boy! AM I having one fucked up day? Today is one of them days where everythign seems to go wrong but won't go into full details cuz I'm bloody knackered.

Woke up at 7am today, ahd to finish typing my English Report on "The Problem of Gender Imbalance in University". Plus, the stupid printers in campus don't even fucking work. had to go to my Department of History and borrow their printer. Useless fuck of a uni, I tell ya.

Plus, the stupid printer wouldn't work.... at first until someone had to fix it. Plus, I had to miss my Law lecture for that. Then, for my Public Administration Lecture, these stupid In-Service pricks caused a right riot with their gossipping. It was so bloody noisy, I swore I got a migraine and to make things worse, 2 hours of lecture... nothing passed through my brain except air. Fucking people!

So, yeah, guess you could say I'm having a bloody rough day.

I'm broke and I'm horny. Fuck today!!!

Btw, my mate, Aida is getting married this Saturday to this guy called Nick that apparently she's been shacking up with. 85% says she's preggers. I'm mean, but hey she sleeps around so basically what are the possibilities of her getting preggers?

The OC Season 2 starts on Sunday Channel 18, here in Mordor.

But something to look forward to, my older sis, Wienna says me and my younger sister, Nyssa are getting paid a for a 2 week trip to Dubai and visit her in JUNE!!!! Woo hoo! I'm going shopping.
Now, how do I persuade Orlando to go to Dubai as well. Wish the Dubai Film Festival was in June. Sigh.

Off to the library now, yeah I'm a fucking bookworm of a nerd to spend my time in the library. Been in campus ALL day since 8am. It's 4.30 already. Guess I'll stay until 8pm then. Gotta spend some quality time with my William Ouchi books.

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