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William Ouchi's Theory Z.

Yeah, you're prolly thinking, HUH? Whatis she going on about? And who the fuck is William Ouchi and what is his Theory Z. Haha. I just did my Public Admin presentation on William Ouchi and even though, I spent 10 minutes explaining the criticisms sprouted by his arch-nemesis', I can't explain it again. So just ignore him.

I've got a lecture in half an hour BUT just doing a lil random post as I'm finally getting a chance to spend my time relaxing. Although, will start with my History of Malaysia presentation as of tmr. Oh well, at least I get short breaks no. Phew.

I've decided to NOT go for this field trip for my Law class to the one and only dingy prison on monday. Not interested simple as that cuz I've been there already and basically nothing fascinating there. At least, I don't think there is. They do give you a nice demo on how a person is whipped in prison. And it's not a lovely sight I tell ya.

Anyways, saturday night plan on going to my mate, Aida's wedding with my mate Khaliq and Norali. Norali is a friend of mine who's blind but really a genius I tell ya. Anyhow, we're swinging by to pick him up cuz he needs a ride. We can't let him drive by himself. lol. It's joke he made up. It's great that he can make fun of his disabilty. Anyhow, I'm not sure what to get Aida for her wedding present. Plus, I'm penniless. So basically might write down an IOU. Is it proper? Hmmm. The thought is worth pondering.

Am currently reading the HP books again. What? I like Harry Potter. Well, Bill Weasley and Oliver Wood to be exact but hey? So what? Anyhow, Saturday we're watching 'Luther' (the one with Joseph Fiennes) as part of my Reformation and Aristocracy in Europe History Course. It's a good movie plus its sad. So, should be fun.

I'm off for a cuppa. Laters.

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