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Anne Bloom-McKenzie

Deal with it

18 August
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My name is Anne and I'm 21 year old who lives in a place that I like to call Mordor. I live in a place where I'm constantly surrounded by Orcs and filth in every 4 corners of whichever way I go. The only thing that provides me with sanctuary is a man called Orlando Bloom. I am fascinated beyond comprehension. Don't ask me why. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but I don't know. If you like him too and share the same fascination but can't seem to understand why, then let me know. Am willing to befriend anyone. Just let me know so I can add you too. *embarassed at how they all rhyme. Excuse that lil mistake*

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Date Created:2004
Number of Posts: 200

Anne's a historian in the making but loves to join in on political debates whenever possible but is highly regarded to be a loser cuz she doesn't like to play by the rules in a country so tightly governed by a masochistic idiot who is above the law. i.e. Mordor. Loves to sing and laugh and be merry. Hoping to marry and have lots of sex and babies with Orlando Bloom. So sue me! :P
Strengths: Friendly and nice. Ambitious, loyal and humble.
Weaknesses: Orlando Bloom and phone sex
Special Skills: Highly political ambition, argue-worthy and will not stop until proven wrong.
Weapons: Sharp teeth and claws
Pet Peeves: PDA. Get a room. Can I help if I'm a critic of the world. (Jacques from 'As you like it')

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