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And then it was Saturday..

I hate Saturday's!
It's not only the weekend and my day off from school. But I just hate it. Call me wierd whatnot. Grrrr.

Anyhow, just wanted to update that I went on a shopping spree yesterday. Yeah University allowance came out. Finally got to buy the Guess Messenger Bag I wanted. It was $115 instead of %109. So off with my money. Then, went out to The Mall and saw Elektra. Everyone else was saying that the movie sucked but I don't listen to people and thank god for that cuz I actually enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed it mostly cuz of Goran Visnijc. However you spell his name. He was so good looking. Plus Wil-Yun Lee was by far the best looking Asian guy I've ever laid my eyes on. Growl! lol.

I've got about $350 left in my a/c and need to save it for that stupid Samsung phone now. Call me a sucker! Anyhow, have to delay the posting of Jo's Xmas present. yes, how delayed can it get? lol. I'm so dead!

My mate, Nadiah just sent me a text this morning to tell me that she just passed her driving test. Hurray! We're off to celebrate one of these days. She's heading back to Brisbane on the 13th Feb.

Need I remind myself that I need to finish my assignemnts. Aaarrrggghhh!!

Thursday afternoon, had teh best time ever! My mate took me out to get lunch then went to play Pool/Billiards and then we went Bowling. had so much fun. It was crazy. Definately Happy Hour for me. then at 5pm hung out at he beach cuz my mate needed a smoke. I felt proud that I didn't get sucked in for a smoke. lol. Tempted but nope. 7 months without a fag is good enough a record for me. :)

Did I mention I got one of those rounded shoes ala Stella McCartney that Mischa Barton wears. Haha. I did except the one I bought is in tweed material. So very cool and very Gwen Stefani-esque.

Can't wait to wear it.
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