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Sickness and Health

I haven't written an entry in over a week because I suffered from the most horrible of the most horrible high fever in all of 21 years of my life.

I got the chills last Friday when I came back from an outing with my parents. Felt fine before, even had ice cream. But after 6pm, I felt to feverish that I wore a blanket without any AC and without the fans on. My mum dragged me over to my gran's and there my aunt further antagonized me with a massage cuz her personal masseuse, Elsa was there. So I gave in.

Later at night, I couldn't sleep a wink and the panadol I took didn't even had any effect on me.

Woke up the next day with a high fever. I wouldn't wake up even when my mum dragged me to the hospital. There, the doc diagnosed me with 40degrees of high fever. The highest! Or in her own words and I quote "You have a high fever, man!" If I wasn't so sick, I would've laughed.

I was given anti-biotics. Or shall I say "Anna-Biotics". Yes, I know, they're not named individually. lol. The medication did not have any effect on me in any way nor did it reduce my fever. The next day, I felt slightly better (Sunday) even went out to see "Million Dollar Baby". Which I proceeded to bawl my eyes out AND created a runny nose. (Eeew! I know!) I hate that movie. No one told me it was a tear-jerker.

After that my fever got EVEN worse. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse! It did! I didn't wake up from my bed until Tuesday. I had mouth ulcers, a splitting headache (literally), a high fever, a numb tongue, nausea and vertigo, numbness on my hands and feet, rashes too (like the kind you get when you're about to have chicken pox, which were as itchy as hell!). Plus, to make matters worse, its embrassing yet painful I have boils on my arse cheek! 1st time ever.

I dunno whether you lot has ever had one. But it sure sucks the fun out of your day. Actually, I'm still suffereing from it. plus, my skin is so much in need of a moisturizer that I feel like I'm shedding my skin like a snake. Grrr!

Never again! My mum so worried that she even gave me a sponge bath to get my fever down. She lastly took me to a private doctor and there I was given new medication. Lo and behold, I got better that night! To think that my mum was gonna take me to the hospital which they would've admitted me in. Thank God! I felt better. Until today, I am recuperating. Unfortunately, my assignments are building up as I speak *type! So I gotta go and get to it.

I have to say a prayer to God for allowing me to get better cuz I for sure thought I was going to die from the fever. :)

Supposedly, this is going to make me feel so much better!! *grin*

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